Ismail Weiliang


At night, I run my non-profit organisation The Climatebender that provides Humanitarian Relief to communities vulnerable to the climate crisis.

In my free time, I create content with professionals to share perspectives on climate resilience!


Skillsets & Qualifications


| Flood modelling | Flood risk assessments | Multi-hazards assessments | Cost Benefit Analysis | Multi Criteria Analysis | Water infrastructure detailed design | Nature-based solutions | Flood forecasting solutions |


| QGIS, ArcMap | MIKE, Sobek, TUFLOW, HEC-RAS, SWWM | Microstation, OpenRoads, Navisworks, Revit, AutoCAD | Python, C++, SQL, Dynamo, VBA, Power BI |


● Bachelors Degree: Environmental Engineering, Minor in Civil Infrastructure (NUS)

● Certification in Nature Based solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience (UN Environmental Programme)


● Chairperson (Young Water Professionals) for Singapore Water Association

● Chairperson (JEN Youth) for Jazari Engineers Network

● Board member for al-Ansar Mosque

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